Review: The Sassy Spoon

titleArriving at “The Sassy Spoon”, one is greeted by a whimsical looking bicycle which is a small taste of the playful interior which welcomes you once you have crossed the delightful courtyard.

Court yard


The wall of old-fashioned suitcases, the chandeliers and the polished wooden tables all play their part in creating the fabulous decor that is The Sassy Spoon.
Upon arrival we were seated inside and promptly offered the beverage menu. We were being served by the Assistant restaurant manager; his knowledge and confidence of the menu was a breath of fresh air. He made some excellent beverage recommendations and expertly guided us through the food menu.



For the first course we went with the recommendation of scallops as well as a ravioli with truffle butter.  The scallops were cooked perfectly, however the spice crust coating them completely over powered any scallop taste that was present.  The presentation was very disappointing as well.  Three scallops with a salad garnish in the middle; reminiscent of something I would have been served back in the early 90’s.  The ravioli was slightly better but was served in a white sauce with an obligatory slice of truffle on top.  The menu seems to be very misleading.



For our main we chose a prawn gnocchi and the braised pork belly.  The prawn gnocchi was a very heavy dish but our waiter had advised us about that prior to placing our order.  The taste was good and well seasoned but the presentation still seemed to be stuck in a time warp; curly parsley?  Seriously………….

Gnocchi with prawns

Gnocchi with prawns

The pork belly was well cooked and “break apart” to the fork.  The quality of the pork needs to be addressed as it was really too fatty.  I realise when ordering pork belly you should expect an element of fat but not 50% of it.  This left a greasy film on top of the dish which masked the otherwise tasty Chinese master stock used to braise it.  I was also left somewhat confused as to why it was served with a bread roll; perhaps a steamed bun or even simply Jasmine rice would have been a better alternatives?

Pork belly

Braised pork belly

Next was the dessert.  I had high hopes for this course and went with the waiters suggestions: the house signature sassy stack and the chocolate and basil fondant with olive oil ice cream.  The Sassy stack were simply three pieces of red velvet cake.  The cake appeared to have been soaked with sugar syrup to elevate dryness resulting is something that was sickly sweet, yet lacked any taste or flavour.  The cappuccino foam seemed somewhat out-of-place and the raspberry caviar was so minute I questioned its mention on the menu; after all the herb garnish wasn’t mentioned on the main course….?

Signature "Sassy Stacks"

Signature “Sassy Stacks”

Then the chocolate fondant came to the table…… We both had one spoonful and stopped!  It reminded me of a Nobu dessert that had just gone wrong.  The flavour combination tried but just did not work.

Chocolate and basil fondant

Chocolate and basil fondant

Overall, this restaurant has a lot of work to do.  Absolutely loved the decor and the front of house seemed to be holding their own.  The menu just seemed confused, whether this is as a result of “two” many chefs; I don’t know.  What I do know is that the kitchen needs some major work because at the prices they are charging; I expect a lot better quality and value for money than just a cute spice box presenting my bill.

Bill presentation

Bill presentation


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