Liquid Deli

Walk along Victoria street in Edinburgh and you will make an incredible find. An interesting store by the name of “Demijohn” which is being touted as the worlds first liquid deli.  With offerings like “Nelson’s spiced rum” and “Seville orange gin”, who could resist taking a peek inside.

DemiJohn – Liquid Deli

Upon entering, there are numerous shelves of large glass bottles filled with all kinds of liqueurs.  These bottles, traditionally used for storing wine and spirits, were commonly known as “demijohns”; hence the name of the store.  It gave you the impression you were walking into a medieval alchemy store or onto a set from Harry potter rather than a gourmet store.  All the labels were handwritten and wow; what a selection.

Aside from a wide variety of liqueurs, they also have whisky aging in small casks.  Both of these are produced either locally in Scotland or by using Scottish ingredients.  The batches are kept small and they only get delivery once a year.  The also so a variety of olive oil and vinegar which are again produced on very small scales.

The owner of the store is very pleasant and quite forthcoming about people trying the products.  So once you have found the one that suits your taste, you choose an Italian glass bottle; available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  All the beverages are priced per 100ml which allows you to comfortably take home more than a few.

The bottles are reusable; so when you find yourself at the bottom, just rush back and refill.  For those interested in more information regarding this store:




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